Tobacco Tax


Empirical Measurement of Illicit Tobacco Trade in the Philippines

Cigarette smuggling reduces the price of cigarettes, thwarts youth access restrictions, reduces government revenue, and undercuts the ability of taxes to reduce consumption. The tobacco industry often opposes increases to tobacco taxes on the claim that greater taxes induce more smuggling. To date, little is known about the magnitude of smuggling in the Philippines. This information…


Asean Tax Report Card 2014

The 2014 Tobacco Tax Report Card provides an updated comparison of the different cigarette price trends, tobacco tax rates and systems across countries from the ASEAN region. It also includes specific country discussions and recommendations in advancing tobacco tax in Southeast Asia.   The document is a useful tool in assisting policy makers, tax and…


Sin Tax Law vs Big Tobacco

The briefer provides a background on the Sin Tax Law and debunks the myths propagated by the tobacco industry regarding increasing tobacco taxes. It also discusses Big Tobacco’s marketing strategies that include targeting the youth and coming up with contests to encourage purchase of their deadly products.   Download the file here:  Sin Tax Law…

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