• Bloomberg Awards for Global Tobacco Control
  • Bloomberg Awards for Global Tobacco Control
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HealthJustice aims to bridge the gap between health and law to empower Filipinos to make healthy choices. The founding members of HealthJustice include doctors, lawyers, and economists who have been recognized for their services in both the private and public sector. Armed with the wealth of experience in promoting policy change in the fields of health, environment, and human rights, HealthJustice serves as a vehicle for Filipinos to be free from health risks through appropriate health policies.

They envision HealthJustice to serve as a vehicle for Filipinos to be free from health risks that could be prevented through appropriate health policies.


Law is a necessary element required to put public health policy into effect. Around the world, legislative measures exist to set standards for tobacco control, safe food, clean air, etc but since these measures do not exist in the Philippines, Filipinos are unnecessarily exposed to certain health risks that have already been eliminated or reduced in other countries through simple yet effective regulation and proper enforcement of laws.

HealthJustice brings together professionals from the relevant fields of science, medicine, economics, and law to create powerful tools for policy change.

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